CND Song 25 The Kids in the Hall

The Kids in the Hall - Terriers, 1989

'Terriers are my very favourite breed. They're cute and cuddly, easy dogs to feed...' The Kids in the Hall first aired in 1988 and was a big part of my high school and college years - easily the coolest show on CBC at that time, not that the competition was particularly fierce. You might remember that every so often Bruce McCulloch would break away from the rest of the cast for a monologue, or, even better, a song, like The Daves I Know, or this one. I confess that I'm not a hundred percent sure that 'Terriers' aired in 1989 - I hope it did, or I'm cheating here. I picked it over 'Daves' for several reasons. It has the obligatory Canadian 'verse in French' segment (see 'Tears Are Not Enough'), I also love it when Dave tells the bikini girls to leave because of sexism, and though terriers may not be my number one favourite breed of dog, they're right up there. My house was full of them growing up. Okay, we had two, but they filled the place pretty handy.

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